Template for paper reading notes

Here is my often used template for writing annotated bibliography. Since an annotated bibliography is a summary, it should be concise.

— Title: (Title of the paper)
— Authors:
— Conference/Journal: (Name of the conference/journal and the year of publication).

# Task

What task the paper did?

# Motivation/Problem

Describe the motivation of the paper & limitation of previous work. What problem did the paper try to solve?

# Idea, Solution/Approach

Give a brief description of the main idea. Should be general.

Give more detailed about the approach used in the paper, which contains main points of the method. It should not be long.

# Background

Use about 5 sentences to summarize the background knowledge of the paper.

# Main results/findings

Did the proposed method solve the problems mentioned in the paper? What are main findings of the paper? Describe in your own words.

# Limitation of the work

– List up points which you think they are problems/limitations of the paper. It is great if you could list some solutions to improve the work.

– Also list some alternative approaches to the task in the paper.

# What did you learn from the paper?

How you could apply the approach in the paper to your work/project?

Summarize what you learned from the paper and how you could apply the approach in the paper to your work.


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